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Helping Refugees With Resettlement Plans!​

Resettlement can be complicated. We help families and individuals find with plans that ease the trouble of resettlement.

Our Work – How We Help Your Resettlement Plans​


Immigration Legal Services​

NUOS USA will helps reunite those in the United States legally with minor children and spouses who
remain in their country of origin..


English and Civics Exceptions​

You are exempt from the English language requirement if you are age 50 or older and have lived as a
lawful permanent resident in the United States for 20 years (“50/20” exception), or if you are age 55 or
older and have lived as a lawful permanent resident


Refugee Resettlement

NUOS USA provides a welcoming and supportive network to help those new to our country quickly gain
independence and become productive members of their new community.



If you need counseling, our staff provides quality, affordable services to help you where you need
support. Our counselors will help you better understand yourself, your abilities and potential. We
welcome people of all faiths, backgrounds and abilities.

Core Services​


We Serve

We serve the most vulnerable people whose lives have been upended by war, political persecution, conflict and natural disasters.


We Resettle

From planning your resettlement program, to finding a job, housing and more, NUOS USA provides the needed support services..


We Educate

NUOS USA helps to provide educational support for students, language access interpretation and translation and more.


We Empower

NUOS help refugee women gain independence. For example, Women at the Wheel is a driver education program for women.

NUOS USA is a resettlement agency helping to advocate for refugees, immigrants, orphans, and victims of rape and human trafficking to rebuild safe and sustainable lives in Arizona.​

Freddie Idamkue, E.D​

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NUOS USA is a (501) (c) 3 non-profit organization seeking solutions to the plight of refugees and helping them adjust to their new home on arrival.

What distinguishes NUOS USA from other organizations is that it wants to help in breaking barriers and building bridges to provide supports and community integration services to refugees..

Get Involved​

Volunteers are vital to the fulfillment of the NUOS’s mission to serve and advocate for refugees, helping them rebuild safe, sustainable lives in Arizona through supportive networks of people, services, and community activities. We welcome hard-working and passionate individuals who are committed to helping us build a community where 
refugees are integrated into the community and treated with dignity and respect..

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Our volunteers are amazing and have helped us achieve milestones.

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Partners provide material and a committed form of support.

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Refugees sometimes have desperate needs. Your donations help provide the needed support.


We were refugees who were resettled under the UNHCR program. We’ve been through it all and and our experiences now help us provide resettlement support for others.

We Support You All The Way

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Personal visits
We take responsibily to help you address challenges